Two Years of Service (Matthew J. Brenholen) 

PFC Deb said:

I have known Cpl. Brenholen for quite a while, and I have a lot to say. About 10 months ago, I had the pleasure of playing Rising Storm 2: Vietnam with Cpl. Bren. Soon following this, he approached me about being a possible member of the 29th. I had the joy of him teaching me the basics as an ADI during BCT. Eventually passing BCT, I was able to see the exquisite leadership of Cpl. Bren on and off the field. I was able to learn from example, by playing other games with Cpl. Bren. Games such as Rainbow Six: Siege, where leading and coordinating a team, is vital for success. Cpl. Bren was able to do such this and bring us all together. This is a skill he learned and mastered quite deeply. Following a few months, with the creation of a new squad, I had the jovial experience of becoming the ASL of Cpl. Brenholen’s squad. His leadership, always helping people, and his experience, helped me become where I am today. Without knowing Cpl. Bren, I would have never joined the 29th, I would not be as skillful, and knowledgeable as I am today. Cpl. Bren is an exquisite leader, an amazing recruiter, and a good teacher. I am cheerful to hear that Cpl. Bren has achieved his 4th AOCC and his first WW1 Victory Medal. Congratulations Cpl. Bren and here’s to many more.


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