Two Years of Service (Victor M. Lopez)

Cpl. Brenholen said:

I can recall my first days meeting PFC Lopez when I first joined the 29th, we were in AP2S3 under the then Sgt. Wimpfheimer. Lopez was a leader and a skilled MG and always made me feel welcome and appreciated so, in a sense, not much has changed. He left for a while as Dog company grew and as the 29th solidified its presence in both RS2 and Squad. Since his return, I first played along side him when he was in DP2S4, then the switch to DP3S1, and now currently my squad DP3S2. He excels in many areas including game sense, communication, and helping new Pvt.s find there way just as he once helped me find my way. I consider Lopez a very good long time friend, and we have shared great times together ranging multiple games over the years. I am very pleased to have Lopez back and be along side each other just like the good old days. I am overjoyed to see him reach 2 years earning his way into the Coveted Rainbow club. Well done in earning your 4th AOCC and 1st WW1 Victory Medal, and I hope to continue with you as you go down your path.


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