Seven Years and Six Months of Service (Lucas W. Pinto)

Cpl. Robertson said:

Having spent time in Brazil I could tell you there are numerous creatures that are dangerous. Their are caiman, red bellied Piranhas, Wandering spiders, vipers, bull sharks, jaguars, and the most dangerous and lethal creature of all, the T/5 Pinto. This creature strikes with an efficiency that can only be found in true predators. He could be hidden in underbrush, in a building, repelling from a helicopter, or jumping from a plane. What is consistent in every event, it is always important to keep your eye out for this dangerous species. Be wary, be warned, and take this public service announcement to heart. And to T/5 Pinto congratulations on your 15th AAoC for 7 years and 6 months of service and look forward to awarding you many more.


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