Award (Victor Red)

1Lt. Dashwood said:

During Cpl. Newton & Cpl. Leliveld's SLT Scrims, PFC Red found himself defending the Monolith of Choral alongside his squad. Up to this point his opponent had whittled down his team and captured several objectives. Victory for Red now hinged entirely on their ability to defend the mortar emplacements at the Monolith. The enemy bore down, heavily, on his position, he set up according to the location he was ordered to defend, making best use of terrain and of construction, he waited patiently for the enemy to arrive and was ready when they did, every soldier that made the mistake of walking past PFC Red's door met their end at the hands of his RPG. Skillfully changing position and keeping the enemy on the back-foot, he continued to take apart the survivors until there was only a few left. Not stopping here, PFC Red entered into a rifle duel with the last 2 soldiers who finally succumbed to his relentless advance.

For his peerless demonstration of AIT mastery and an impressive show of skill, HQ are happy to award PFC Red the Army Commendation Medal, congratulations PFC!


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