Badge (Matt R. Newton) 

SSgt. Dethfield said:

In a game like Squad there is always a constantly shifting balance between vehicles and infantry. When a tank shows up, everyone asks where the combat engineers are and if we have enough. When the rockets start flying, the vehicle crews prioritize finding the offending combat engineer over every other potential target. Even with every new patch, both sides of this balance scramble to update their knowledge of the relevant changes even more so than other AITs or combat roles. Before assuming the rule of ASL of EP2S2, Cpl. Newton was not just his squad's combat engineer, he was in many ways EP2's combat engineer. He didn't just become exceptionally accurate with his rockets, or crafty with his positioning. He was constantly researching the various statistics for the AIT, finding the weak points in all of the vehicles and constantly finding new ways implement this crucial AIT. He would then spread the word to anyone who was wise enough to listen. Although he has since taken on the role of ASL, this has not stopped him from continuing his explosive hobby. He continues to be a serious threat to any enemy vehicle and a giant library of knowledge in the field of combat engineering. It seems fitting that he would be one to be awarded a Combat Engineer Sharpshooter badge. Excellent work, Newton.


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