One Year of Service (William G. Devereaux) 

Cpl. Lord said:

PFC Devereaux, what can I say about PFC Dex. Well, I can say that I have seen this man's entire 29th career. The full year he has been here, and I have seen him grow from a face in the crowd to my right hand man in DP3S1. We started in the same squad and went from there. We trained for the Rung Sac scrim together. We were placed in SLT together. We were put into DP2S4 together. We have been around the block a couple times, and it has been some of the most fun that I have had with someone in the 29th. I could not ask for a better ASL to run a squad with. We have been through it all together, and I cannot wait to see where your journey takes you Dex. I know it is going to be a bright and happy one. Here is to you, and your second AOCC. I hope to see many many more.


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