Badge (Sean P. Mortem)

Cpl. Crane said:

There is something particularly soothing to a soldier in the repeated rata-tat-tat of your Squad's light machine gun thumping rounds across your view into some distant place and then hearing "He's down" over communications. There's nothing quite as satisfying as you spot one of your lads lumbering forward with a heavy piece of metal in his hand deep into an enemy controlled building, hearing all hell break loose (we're not moving), and watching him walk out with the call of "All clear". That's why it's so nice being in EP3S1 because I get to hear that every single drill. As an ex-AR myself I can speak to the skills shown by PFC Mortem personally and despite a certain INCIDENT during EBOTS that shall not be mentioned, I can say nothing but good things about it his play. Like an avenging Floridian swamp man armed to the teeth and riding an alligator that no doubt he must be (since he lives in South Florida), PFC Mortem has saved our lives time and time again with supporting fire, accurate blazes of lead and steel, and close quarters brilliance that is impossible to deny. Congratulations, PFC Mortem, for this is well earned and I am incredibly excited to see you gain the next award on this track not long from now.


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