Badge (Alex W. Crane)

SSgt. Robles said:

Cpl. Crane, from day one of receiving his AR AIT, began to show us all that he was an elite player. He essentially hit the ground running, but that still wasn't good enough for him. When he was under me, he would practice constantly so he would learn new methods on how to use his AR to the best to it's ability. Looking back on those days, I can truly say that he was the best AR in the company. I think this is high praise considering we had and still have amazing ARs everywhere in Easy. I just think he was and still is ahead of others in this regard. He really is one of the pioneers of the AR in early Easy and now he is still fantastic with it. All this being said, I think that he has gotten good to the point of deserving some recognition. With this, he is being awarded his AR SS Badge; congratulations!


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