Badge (Rielly C. Saunders)

SSgt. Robles said:

Once again, we follow the trend of great AIT holders in Easy; this time, we look at PFC Saunders. We've had numerous grenadiers in Easy; however, there really has been a difference between them and PFC Saunders. He, from day one, has tried to be the best that he can; he's achieved that greatly. He is one of the best grenadiers that we've ever seen in Easy Company; that's saying a lot due to all the skilled players here. He knows how to arch shots, keep people down, and get a lot of kills. To say that I've been happy with his performances in drills is an understatement. Because of all of this, I think he is deserving of something nice. What would that be? Come on, you can't actually be asking that. He's getting his GL SS Badge. Nice; congratulations!


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