Badge (Cameron A. Bushelman)

Cpl. Hussey said:

He is the man that can unsheathe a 40 mm grenade with the care of a newborn kitten, very gently slide it into the tube with great ease, listening to the metals grind against each other with a harmony very few can really appreciate and calmly discharges the round down range with a single due of sweat on his brow. As for everything that I point out, it kicks up a plume of dirt towards the heavens, slamming justice into many who think we are the infidels. At least that's the romanticized version of me telling PFC Bushelman I need you to blow this up. Which he does, very well if you haven't noticed. Probably because you're dead. And for that, this man deserves recognition for his amazing use of the Grenadier AIT. Congratulations PFC Bushelman for your excellent accuracy, as well as always wanting to become better! Now show off to the world your amazing skill with your Grenadier marksman badge.


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