Two Years and Six Months of Service (Ashraf Berus)

PFC Whiskey said:

I've known T/5 Berus Since my "career" began in Easy Company, I was taught that Berus was a person to fear especially when he had the optic, and when he was on a team that was not yours there was always a sense of dread of hearing a crack then your screen just going black. Berus has been one of the guys who has been able to strike fear into the hearts of the enemy but at the same time keep the morale of his squad up cracking jokes or just talking with his fellow squad mates about random things, and when he was officially made sniper the whole squad and even the platoon was happy for him, all of his hard worked had finally paid off, and when people started calling him Jr. Sniper he took the teasing in stride , I know that the squad and me personally can count on him to watch our backs, whether it be on the frontline or in some sniper's nest. Congratulations T/5 Berus on your 5th AoCC, here's to many more!


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