Badge (Victor Red) 

Cpl. Sutera said:

So PFC Red, not only a great SLT candidate, but a great CE as we've all witnessed on the receiving end at some point. And now he's helping grow the company with a wholesome 2 recruits. Red has really been embracing all aspects of the 29th. You will always find him pubbing and looking for guys to snatch up and bring into the fold. He really has a dedication to helping expand the unit and he is always ears and eyes open looking for the best of the best. The second he hears a pubber ask about the 29th, he's on top of that guy giving him the business about who we are. It's guys like this that really help promote the 29th and help us grow with the new blood coming in day after day. Thanks for the hard work you put in here PFC. Congrats!


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