Badge (Sean M. Dewey)

Sgt. Curran said:

Now like bit of a back story Crewmen named Armor at the time because I am old was my first AIT, I was also the armor school teacher for awhile when that was a thing. Needless to say tanks and other armored vehicles are near and dear to my heart, So when one of my guys wants to go into using those big metal boxes I am extra stringent. That all being said PFC Dewey has met and far surpassed my impossible standards! Honestly I fully believe he is one of easy company’s top up and coming members not just in tanking but in all aspects. He is always will to step up and command a tank crew which let me tell is not always for the faint of heart, he Is also not of afraid to get his Hands dirty on the controls and drive off into the sun set, I don’t need to even talk about his skill with the gun I think I’ll let the shells do the talking. Whether it’s commanding, gunning or driving PFC Dewey gets the job done and I couldn’t be more proud! He is a shinning example of what I believe is the ideal crewman, able to fill any of the roles and push the team to victory! Well done my friend!


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