Award (Drake H. Perez-Pantoja)

SSgt. Dethfield said:

During the second round of their EBOTS match, EP2S4 was defending their ammo cache against advancing Russian forces. PFC Perez-Pantoja, who had already had amazing success in the first round in killing multiple enemies in a violent, close-quarters confrontation and was now well known to the Russians as a priority target, was now tasked with skirmishing with the enemy prior to their engagement of the main defense forces. He swiftly moved south towards the edge of the town and began creeping along its southern boundary in an effort to find the enemy forces and attack them from the flank. Unbeknownst to him, a large portion of the Russian forces had approached from the desert behind him and had begun to unexpectedly engage EP2S4, threatening the safety of the main defensive force and the ammunition cache they were protecting.

Upon hearing the sounds of gunfire and the firm orders from his Squad Leader to backtrack, PFC Perez-Pantoja immediately turned around and raced to help his friends. He soon came upon a Russian machine gunner who was happily pouring rounds towards his comrades and immediately eliminated this crucial Russian asset. He continued to move towards the heated firefight and he soon stumbled on a squad of 5 Russian troops engaging his friends. He began to stealthily dispatch them one at a time while simultaneously passing on enemy positions and movement to his squad leader. While his squad leader used this crucial intel to adjust his defense strategy, PFC Perez-Pantoja started with picking off the enemy combat engineer and Squad Leader, cutting off their communications, coordination and their heavy explosive support which was crucial to for their goals. He then proceeded to take out two more soldiers before finally taking a bit of return of fire. He kept his cool, waited patiently and when the firing died down he moved on forward, carefully advancing before locating and dispatching the final enemy in front of him. Sadly, PFC Perez-Pantoja was himself killed in the line of duty but not before he had taken down 6 enemy soldiers on his own and left the Russian advance with insufficient manpower to continue their assault.

PFC Perez-Pantoja's actions in this round, and indeed the entire match, were absolutely vital to the victory of his squad. By placing himself in extreme danger to take down the majority of the enemy team while also communicating their positions and assets, he allowed his team to easily finish off few remaining enemy forces and ensured a successful defense of the ammunition supply. It was an amazing display of courage, teamwork and skill and without his actions, the match would likely have not been nearly as successful for his squad as it was. He was directly responsible for the overwhelming victory of his squad and has set an excellent example of what a single rifleman can accomplish with enough determination and skill. Excellent job, PFC Perez-Pantoja!


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