Badge (Jake Lee)

Cpl. Nguyen said:

PFC J. Lee, I cannot stop giving quotes for this guy and I know I won't be able to stop any time soon. Without a doubt, he has excelled in all areas whether it is staff jobs, combat, leading, and establishing great connections across the unit. However, he has recently ventured into another pursuit that is highly respected by all in our unit as it is our bloodline - recruiting. In a span of only one week, he brought in a number of recruits that could fill up two regular-sized squads. Though we're only celebrating his 1st CAB today, I'm sure very soon, recruits from all places would bow down to this "master pubber" and enlist in droves after getting killed over and over by PFC J. Lee, wanting to be like this man. Keep up the great work PFC, and congratulations on your new shiny!


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