Badge (Mathias V. Olsen)

Cpl. Knezevic said:

T/5 Olsen's re-enlistment was seen by Squad HQ as a point where S1 started to enter its golden age. And not without a good reason. T/5 Olsen, a person capable of giving perfect callouts while still executing difficult tasks with great precision made it be so. With drills that came during that time, it could be seen that he is still an very deadly marksman with his AIT, being capable of destroying the enemy team, if given the chance. Thus, he was constantly used as an sharpshooter, being sent behind enemy lines, doing havoc against an enemy, and being successful in return. His rifleman skills were seen as a role model for everyone in S1. And with him being the former Able Company, First Platoon sniper, it all makes sense. He is still an menace to enemies, thankfully this time, the two of us always fight on the same side. Time went on, but his skill improved with every single squad and platoon drill. Right now, he is an very capable individual on S1, and state of my, and his squad, is way it is in not an small due because of him. With all that said, it is my great honor to award you with your Rifle Marksman Qualification Badge! Congratulations T/5, way to go!


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