Badge (Christopher J. Dahl) 

Cpl. Furie said:

PFC C. Dahl is a quiet guy; soft spoken and treads lightly. But when he is called upon he is relentless in his pursuit to help his squad. Most notably recently is his skills with the grenade launcher. It is common now for someone to ask Dahl to drop a grenade somewhere and a couple minutes later it happens. With some more difficult shots a minor adjustment is sometimes needed but his second shot always finds his mark. It is common to see Dahl dropping a couple enemies each drill now with grenades. Most recently in our first EBOTS match he was crucial in clearing through tunnels, with his placement of grenades through doorways and down long tunnels. And so with his skill being so expertly demonstrated in recent drills his value to the squad has also grown, it is because of this that Cpl. Greene and myself are pleased to award him with his Grenadier Marksman Badge! Keep dropping those 40 mike mikes!


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