Six Months of Service (Jake S. Sigal) 

Cpl. C. Garrett said:

PFC Sigal has been the grenade slinger of S4 since the squad was founded. He's been reliable at throwing ordnance in this or that window, smoking out the enemy at range, and everything else in his job description as the resident GL. Recently, he was even a major part of the infamous "hallway of death" in the squad's last EBOTS match, much to the misfortune of the enemy, giving anyone who entered their daily dose of HE. Surprisingly, the PFC has only been a part of the unit for a short period of time. Despite his (so far) short career with the 29th, he has managed to become a very dangerous asset that I am more than happy to have in S4. For his service, I am glad to see the PFC receive his 1st AOCC. Congrats, Sigal!


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