Four Years of Service (Petar Miochevich)

SSgt. Peroni Said:

Sgt. Miochevich was no short of a blessing when he was transferred to DP1 about 8 months ago. His experience at running a successful squad is undoubtedly invaluable to both me and SSgt. Novak. Honestly, we could not ask for a better squad leader for our second squad. The determination of the sergeant in getting the job done and fostering a healthy and enjoyable squad environment is truly beneficial to the Platoon as a whole. It is even safe to say that we wouldn't even be where we currently are as a community if it was not for individuals like Sgt. Miochevich. Today, we are celebrating Sgt. Mico's fourth birthday in the 29th by awarding him his eight Army of Occupation medal as well as his second WWI Victory Medal. Congratulations, Sgt!


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