Badge (Matt Shields)

Cpl. Crane said:

His comraderie as a squad member is so contagious, vaccines have been created for it. He is the only man to have ever aced the SLT Scrimmage. Every time he goes onto the public server, new recruits appear. Enemy combatants in EBOTS have asked him to kill them. His legend precedes him, the way lightning precedes thunder. He is the most interesting 29ther in the world. With his required introduction said, T/5 Matt Shields hold a special place in my heart and that of EP3S1. He is our ex-ASL and our once excellent Automatic Rifleman who took a brief pause, stepped down from his vaunted position of power for the good of the unit, and gladly gave up his old AIT in favor of those who could attend more frequently at the time. He returned with a vengeance that could only be quenched with loud and distant explosions, put out in ten convenient packages pulled right from his belt. Since his return to full time service with our Squad T/5 Shields has quickly become a terror among our many drills for his accuracy and skill with his weapon. That, and for many other reasons, is why I am putting forward the request for his Grenadier Marsksman Badge. It is well earned, Shields, so we're excited to see you pick up Combat Engineer or Sniper in the next few weeks.


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