One Year of Service (Stone I. Plaskiewicz)

Cpl. Crane said:

Much like a high quality whiskey there is nothing quite like a well aged PFC. Age provides robustness, a more complex array of flavors, and a hearty odor that lets you know that such an individual is fittingly well aged. PFC Stone "The Glue" Plaskiewicz is one such example of a finely aged whiskey. Now, one year is an example of a newly aged whiskey or PFC but already the signs of a thoroughly fine brewing can be made clear. To me and my fellow members of EP3S1 it must be said that PFC Plaskiewicz is one of our most sought after vintages. Whether its rolling about in a vehicle or simply popping rounds down range with his rifle, PFC Plaskiewicz is a necessary and beloved addition of the alcoholic selection that is EP3S1's squad members. Keep it up, PFC, and I can't wait to have a two year old whiskey on the shelf another year from now.


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