Eight Years of Service (Marcus V. Zim)

Sgt. Warner said:

In his 8 years with the 29th T/5 Zim has accrued 8 Good Conduct Medals, 3 Bronze Stars, 1 Silver Star and a Purple Heart. He has also served as a Squad Leader and received a Combat Action Badge for his recruitment efforts. Oh yeah, and he has earner his Sniper level Rifleman Marksman badge because he's just about the best damned shot in the 29th. There's also a handful of service medals and maybe a couple of demerits to boot. When T/5 Zim is here, he is here to fight and he's here to win. It takes a lot of passion and love for the game as well the 29th to stick with us so stalwartly for 8 years. I like to think that pile of achievements helps show that and our appreciation. For that, we add to that pile and commend him with his 16th AOCC and 4th World War I Victory medal. Congratulations and thank you, T/5. Quadruple Rainbow!


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