Three Years of Service (Jim Halls)

2Lt. Nelson said:

Jimminy "Bull Halsey" Halls. A Staff Sergeant to be thought of with great respect; a man who's legacy will have children sing songs of his greatness throughout the ages. One might wonder how he got to where he is, so I shall tell you the tale of our old bull: June of 2016 saw the 754th TP graced with his can-do American spirit, after which he was placed under my command in S3 as a hustler. Eager to help out, he applied to be the Platoon Clerk effectively getting his foot in the door at Platoon level. His inhuman efficiency did not go unnoticed, and thus he was inducted into SLT to become a leader. Through creativity and perseverance, he came out on the other side as the Head-Hustler, leading S3 to glory in battle and honing his strategic abilities. The culmination of then Sgt. Halls' abilities aided him in climbing the ladder further into Platoon Leadership as CP1's Staff Sergeant, where he has diligently kept CP1 in-line and on-task. I personally would like to thank the SSgt. in his grand contributions both in time and effort to make CP1 respectable, formidable and flat-out fun. Keep up the good work, SSgt, it's been 3 fantastic years. Congrats on your 6th AOCC; Triple rainbow!!


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