Badge (Collin R. Kelso)

SSgt. Robles said:

2Lt. Kelso is a man of many skills. He is somehow a great player even though he has moved up the chain of command. Whether he is getting kills with his rifle or sneaking up on vehicles with his CE, 2Lt. has always been a presence in drills. However, there is more to the 29th than just going to drills. Contributing to this unit means volunteering your time and/or money to it. 2Lt. has done both, being an active donator and having important staff jobs. There is, however, something else that he has done to benefit the unit: recruiting. I'm sure we all know this is an important part of the 29th and the good 2Lt. has now contributed with 20 recruits. With this, he is being awarded his Combat Action Badge, 4th Award. Congratulations!


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