Award (Bradley J. King)

2Lt. Kelso said:

During the final round of the EP3S2 vs EP3S4 match, PFC King and Squad Two were involved in a Attack/Attack round that required one team to place down a radio then build a HAB, Ammo Box, and a ATGM before the other team to be declared the winner. Immediately on live, both sides started to exchange fire with bullets, smokes, and explosives. Both squads moved out towards the objective, with PFC King setting up a bit away from the objective, laying down fire with his machine gun. Squad Four during this time ran directly into the objective zone, and quickly placed down the radio and started the construction of the other three items. Squad Four's plan was quickly seen once the HAB was built, and PFC King identified that time was running down and needed to act fast. His squad had been largely picked off, with only a few other members remaining. He slowly crawled up under fire and smoke, and started to make his way towards the objective zone. PFC King dispatched one member of Squad Four outside the objective, then continued making his way up towards the objective when he spotted and killed another enemy inside the HAB in the objective zone. Immediately after, PFC King stood up and sprinted his way towards Squad Four, mowing down 3 more members of Squad Four that were only seconds away from winning the round. During this exchange he was wounded from one of the members building the objective, and was killed right after by an enemy soldier outside the objective. With this action from PFC King he courageously and single handedly stopped Squad Four from winning, and managed to turn the tide into a Squad Two victory for both the round and the match. For his sacrifice in securing victory for his squad, I am extremely happy to award him a Purple Heart. Congratulations PFC!


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