Award (Andrew J. Grimes)

SSgt. Robles said:

T/5 Grimes has been EP3's platoon clerk for over a year at this point. When I first asked him to be my clerk, I expected him to be top tier. All this time later, and somehow he's become even better than I could've imagined. I know clerks are meant for posting paperwork and everything related to it, but T/5 Grimes goes beyond this. He makes it his mission to ensure EP3 Platoon HQ is up to date with everything going on in the unit and things relevant to us. His organizational skills are fantastic; making things easier for myself and 2Lt. Kelso. I'm not joking here, I remember being an organizational freak when I was a clerk, but Grimes takes it to the next level. Everything he does has a purpose and makes things look visually appealing. Side note here: he did all the EP3 channels to make them look better; other clerks have also taken from his ideas. In Easy Company, we have a standardized briefing format. Guess who made it? Yes, it was also T/5 Grimes. If I ever forget something, or if 2Lt. does, the T/5 is always there to remind us. I truly can say without a doubt, T/5 Grimes' performance and attitude has also contributed to EP3's success in a big way. For his hard work and dedication, I am proud to award T/5 Grimes an Army Achievement Medal.


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