Hello from the 7th Cav!

Hello my Name is SPC Nadz.S from the 7th Cavalry
I'm from S5 Public Relations section and I would love to meet up and have a chat about setting up some matches of various kinds between our groups.
My personal role in the Cav is a tanker, and thus I find anything not with treads and a large gun to be deeply worthy of suspicion.

Unit Name: 7th Cavalry Gaming
Website: http://www.7thcavalry.us/
Teamspeak: IP: ts3.7thcavalry.us
Password: 7thCavalry
Unit Type: We are a large mixed unit but we have a bias towards infantry of various flavors (We have lots of members from US and EU timezones so we can cater for most timezones)
Objective: To find and establish a network of experianced players and cement lots of good natured matches
Mission: We would like to do anything from a series of OP's to one off TvT's. We have a large selection of maps and map/mod makers on hand so we can facilite most desires and certain clan wants, some clans have their own must haves and quirks some don't.

Throughout the year we have a number of events and would like to diversify and enhance our collective experiances, with the recent take off Kunduz, Afghanistan map within the modding fraternity and buzz of excitment for when its ready for use for groups, I would imagine mud walls will be shaking once again and would be an ideal time for joint ops of some kind.

Some Videos (less than offical)
Operation Fenrir: Infantry SL POV Wolf

Patrol Ops: Pioneer Patrol

If you want to contact myself:
or drop a post on the forum



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