Badge (Tony A. Stephens)

Cpl. Gibson said:

I actually haven't had to write one of these in a while, which is honestly extremely disappointing. The Combat Action Badge is awarded for members that are able to get 2, 5, 10, and 20 recruits. 2 recruits are not some sort of unattainable task that requires someone with an excellent skill to achieve. Everyone should strive to reach this mark at the very least. Recruiting is a vital part of the 29th's growth and survival. That is why it brings me great joy to be able to see one of the guys reach this milestone. PFC Stephens contributes to the Squad, Platoon, and Company in many ways, whether it be working on his vehicle skills, or being a versatile infantryman that I can use in all sorts of ways. But now he has joined the CAB club with him gaining his second recruit into the unit and I cannot thank him enough for that. Stephens keep it up and I hope to see you get your CAB 2 before too long!


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