Badge (Dat V. Nguyen)

Cpl. Nguyen said:

You give PFC D. Nguyen a thumper and the next thing you know is 10 enemies end up dead in the general direction he is facing. In truth, he loves the M79 to the moon and back and his reactions to getting his hands on one as well as when the spot is already taken are quite something to witness. Whether it's an RPG or the Blooper, it is like an extra limb on PFC D. Nguyen's body that magically makes choppers fall like a meteor shower or bodies bounce off the ground like it's a night club. Indeed, be very careful when you face him because when you hear the "bloop" sound, it's already too late. With that said, PFC D. Nguyen's skill as a Combat Engineer is undeniable and I hope he will carry that into the Army too. Congratulations Nguyen, you did not bring shame upon our family's name.


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