Four Years of Service (Shayne M. Scienski)

Cpl. Hauger said:

PFC Scienski is one of the older dogs in Dog Company, and with age comes experience, and skill. PFC Scienski has been in my squad since my entry into Able Company, and throughout the years I've known him, he has consistently displayed a deep understanding of the game we play, as well as developing that understanding into a fearful level of proficiency. His biting wit and puckish charm also adds a layer of complexity to the squad dynamic, which keeps everyone, whether friend or foe, on their toes! With all that said, it is with great honor that PFC Scienski is presented with his 8th AOCC and 2nd WW1 Victory Medal! Congratulations Scienski, and I hope to see many, many more of these in the future!


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