Award (Stanley J. Turner) 

Cpl. Newton said:

PFC Turner has been a felt presence in EP2S2 for a while now. He's one of S2's longest running members and he puts his experience to good use. Turner is always ready to help out the newer members of the squad and is a constant positive influence. To quote PFC Evarts "Turner is literally untiltable." I think that's a pretty accurate assessment of Turner's character, I don't think I've ever heard him say something mean or negative in the entire time I've known him. In addition to being quite the gentlemen and keeping on the bright side, Turner has been the de facto leader of the squad when S2's leadership dies. He keeps calm, remembers the plan and makes sure everyone else stays on task and accomplishes the mission. During our EBOTS match with EP2S4 leadership went down in the last round and PFC Turner remembered our goal of thoroughly eliminating the enemy team before making a run for the stealing the logi truck. He knew we had 5 minutes left and he told his fellow squadmates to search for the remaining enemies before taking the truck at the 2 minute warning. This directly lead to S2's victory that round and in the match as a whole. Because of his actions in the recent weeks I think it's only fitting he receives a Good Conduct Medal for his efforts. Great job Turner!


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