Award (Alex Foley) 

Cpl. Newton said:

PFC Foley has only been with S2 for just shy of 4 months, however ever since his first couple of weeks I've been impressed with his dedication. Foley has missed 1 drill in his entire time in the 29th so far, boasting some of the best attendance in the platoon. In addition to that, Foley is one of the more frequent guests in the platoon as well. He has attended the vast majority of EST drills for a while now, which has lead to a noticeable increase in his rifle skills. Not only does he guest EST drills, but Foley is a commonly seen face at GMT drills as well. Because of his dedication he has become someone I can rely on during drills and during EBOTS to take on dangerous tasks that would get most others killed. For his efforts I think it's only fitting he receives a Good Conduct Medal. Great job Foley, keep smashing everyone at their squad drills and show them what a rifleman from S2 can do!


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