Badge (Drake H. Perez-Pantoja) 

Cpl. Sutera said:

We all know who Perez-Pantoja is. He needs no introduction. We have all been enjoying the mods he brought us. We have all been enjoying his humor and sarcasm. But we're here to talk about his boomstick skills. Otherwise known as the CE. Perez has been fully devoted to learning everything he can about the CE class and has spent many hours writing up guides and maps and pictures on different angles, ranges, and damages. He has really become an encyclopedia for the AIT. All of this knowledge has led him to nail some spot on shots during his time in the 29th. A couple of notable ones would be his hit on a full transport during a Basrah drill and his most recent hit on the logi during our EBOTS match where he destroyed the truck from barely leaving our spawn point resulting in a victory. This guy has really embraced his AIT and has dedicated hours and hours to perfecting his skills with it. He truly enjoys blowing things up and i wouldnt have it any other way. Perez, im glad youre on my side because i dont want to be down range from you. Congrats on the badge and keep up the excellent work.


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