One Year and Six Months of Service (Brett M. Sutera) 

Cpl. C. Garrett said:

If you told me way back in the old S4 days that Cpl. Sutera and I would be running a squad together, well, I wouldn't have believed it at all. For both of us, leadership was a long way off and we had a lot of things to learn before then. However, as fate would have it, we both crossed paths again to revive the same squad we met in. And, honestly, its better than I could have imagined. Cpl. Sutera is a great natural leader, and he always knows how and when to throw in the perfect joke to lighten the mood but not distract the squad from the objective. Of course, we never want the Cpl. to go down in a round, but his reactions to surprises are, well, pretty great sometimes. When you watch him lead though, you can easily see that a lot of it just comes naturally to him, and S4 is lucky to have him in command. We've both come a long way since the original S4, but I always look forward to our drills to see what I can learn from him this time. For his year and a half of service, I'm happy to see Cpl. Sutera receive his 3rd AOCC. See you for your rainbow!


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