Two Years and Six Months of Service (Joe C. Dahl)

PFC Whiskey said:

I've known Sgt. Dahl for as long as I've been here, and boy has it been quite the ride. When we first came over from EP2 into EP3 he was PFC Dahl and I remember thinking that having a PFC SL was cool because he was one of us lowly privates, He's been a great squad leader and when I made my journey from S2 to S4 I was sad because I was leaving the people that I had known about a year and joining a new group of people, and now that I have returned I have come to appreciate his leadership and I know that I can always count on Sgt. Dahl to help others and me whenever we need it. So thank you Sgt. Dahl for being a leader and friend, and congratulations on your 5th AoCC here's to the next one!


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