Award (Cedric F. Martens)

2Lt. Barclay said:

During the second round of defense for EP1S2 in their EBOTS match Squad 2 had sent two members on a wide eastern flank, two others defending the direct approach to the objective south east of his location with one guy in the town defending the objective. PFC Martens positioned himself to watch the northern approach to the objective. Taking cover behind a wall that gave him overwatch and concealment. PFC Martens was the sole member of S2 deployed at this location.

As a group of seven approached his position PFC Martens took his time in setup up his first kill taking only one shot. PFC Martens quickly acquired his second target and eliminated him with three shots. PFC Martens began taking fire from an enemy near by and returned fire. During this exchange PFC Martens was wounded while killing his attacker. After applying his bandage, he began to fall back taking fire from a fourth attacker. PFC Martens quickly took cover to gain his bearings then popped up took four shots and killed the attacker. PFC Martens quickly took cover again and moved up the wall where he began looking for his next target. At this point he fired a couple of GL HE down range. PFC Martens then turned facing south east picking off a fifth attacker pushing up the middle. Shortly after that two more attackers began to push his location. PFC Martens picked off the one of the two as they approached. The final attacker attempted to deploy smoke to cover his escape and PFC Martens was able to pick him off as one of his squad members moved in from the side.

PFC Martens actions in this round without question lead to victory for his squad. PFC Martens was able to single handedly stonewall the attack of S1 and kill seven of the eight attackers. The final kill right as reinforcements were arriving. If PFC Martens had not held that position the attackers would have been able to move in as a group to the objective where there was a single guy defending.


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