Badge (Jake Lee)

Cpl. Nguyen said:

Everyone knows recruiting is the bloodline of the unit. Some of us joined because we see the servers and the recruiting posts but most were recruited by a member, who went out of their way to personally contact, guide us into this unit, and make sure we could share with them the experience of this great brotherhood. Therefore, I know we always hold a special place in our hearts for our recruiter. Because of time, PFC J. Lee's recruits might not realize it yet but I’m certain they will feel the same way about him through the way he guided and assisted them as a recruiter and an enlistment liaison. Amassing insane numbers of recruits in training platoons with spectacular retention rates, it is no surprise that PFC J. Lee got all the CABs so quickly; but, I’m sure his journey on being among the top recruiters doesn’t end here. I know the 29th has had a tremendous impact on your life and it’s been a real pleasure to see you spread it onto others as well. Looking forward to seeing you get that badge someday but for now, congratulations for this 4th Combat Action Badge, PFC. You've earned it.


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