One Year and Six Months of Service (Matt Shields)

Cpl. Crane said:

One's time in the 29th can be, in many ways, compared to making wine. The first portion involves plucking the recruits like grapes, with some sour and bitter while others are just right. Next, of course, comes BCT where you get jumped on. But once all that is past the most important part of wine making is, of course, how you age it. For a 29ther, your third AOCC is an awkward vintage. It means you've been here for awhile, but at this point your one year has just passed and it outshines it. Worst of all, before you in just a paltry six months is the vaunted Double Rainbow Badge, the symbol of a permanent approval in the 29th that says you've aged just right. Well, T/5 Shields, we're excited to have you hit your third AOCC but something feels like its missing. So, in order to get to your proper vintage I expect you to make it at least another six months so we can give you that Double Rainbow seal of approval on a proper T/5 Shields Vintage bottle of 29th goodness. Excellent job, T/5 Shields, and keep up the good work.


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