Badge (Stanley J. Turner) 

2Lt. Willis said:

For awhile PFC Turner had flown under the radar, a quiet, calm and reserved soldier in Sgt. Minor's Army. Most recently, we have begun to see a new, angrier PFC Turner as SSgt. Dethfield regularly references. PFC Turner is a hell of a squad mate but his recent AR skills have been the talk of the Company. PFC Turner has been a game changer for EP2S2 during EBOTs. He is able to eliminate multiple enemy soldiers in a single burst and his positioning is setting a new standard for all AR AIT holders in Easy Company. It is clear that PFC Turner has been putting in extra effort to better learn his craft and his extra effort has been on full display recently. I am proud to award PFC Turner with his Automatic Rifleman Sharpshooter Badge. Congratulations PFC Turner!


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