Award (James R. Marookian)

Cpl. Mellinger said:

Commitment and dedication. These two traits are some of the most sought-after characteristics in a 29th member. Being in a leadership position, I value those traits more than anything. PFC Marookian is my model of one of those members. Ever since he became part of EP3S3, I have done nothing but praise him for his devotedness to the 29th and our squad. The most notable achievement in his 29th "career" is his 100% attendance. There are very few people here that have perfect attendance. Not only is he attending all his mandatory drills, he is also going out of his way to guest drills when he is not busy fixing planes. What’s even greater is that he is very open with the squad. During our EBOTS run, he was with me prepping for our matches and practicing how he can use his AIT to the fullest. More often that not, you can find him in TeamSpeak telling some funny jokes and making us all laugh. I feel it’s also noteworthy to mention he is one of the few who donate to the unit to help keep it afloat. For his dedication, commitment, and overall “good conduct”, his Squad Leadership and Platoon HQ feel he is worthy of being awarded a Good Conduct Medal! Congratulations my friend, keep up the great work!


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