Six Months of Service (Tony A. Stephens)

Cpl. Gibson said:

So this PFC Stephens fella is a pretty interesting dude. I say this about a lot of my guys, mainly because a lot of my guys are really weird, and PFC Stephens is no exception. Typically he is pretty serious and putting in a lot of effort, but then at seemingly random times he just does some weird stuff. Idk just something I thought was worth saying. Honestly it feels like he has been around for much longer than he has. I probably would guess he was around 10 months or more, but no, he is not and I am dumb. Turns out he has only been terrorizing this unit and my squad for six months now. Surprising right! Yeah so to celebrate this milestone of you having an odd need to please me and Cpl. Hussey for six months, here is one of those Army of Occupation Medal things.


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