Hello, 29th! So I noticed a lot of people here play the awesome WWI game Verdun. Well, if anyone is interested, I am part of a Verdun clan called Kaiser Kompanie that is always open to new members. Our steam group is here: Kaiser Kompanie. We have a large EU presence & an ever growing NA one (70 members total). We have NA playtime on Fridays @ 9pm EST. Not exactly sure when EU has playdays. Also, we have a separate competitive scrim team for both NA & EU. We are both participants in Official Verdun Tournament & Psuedo-Official Verdun League. Both teams won the first round; 2nd round is on Sunday.

If you are interested, please PM me through the 29th forums or at my steam profile here: Pvt. West. If you are also interested in the scrim team, PM me as I am captain of the NA team. You can also friend me & play with me anytime; my in-game name is [KK]XWING. Be warned; we are not a strict military unit like the 29th. We don't have ranks, we don't do drills (apart from the scrim team), we just play & have a good time.

Pvt. West


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