Ten Years of Service (Jon C. Erb)

Sgt. Dott said:

Writing these awards up for T/4 Erb is getting more and more difficult as time passes. I wanted to include a joke about what an "old man" the T/4 is, but alas it seems he's heard them all since he got here. What are we supposed to do now? Actually tell him how much he contributes to what we do here? Tell him how much we appreciate him? Bah, that's crazy! I mean, ten years? Ten years! What can we do about somebody who's willing to withstand the 29th's particular brand of insanity for that long? I guess the real question is how long can he go? Twenty, thirty years? Is the sky the limit? I don't know! I think we might just have to come together and congratulate T/4 Erb on his 20th AOCC and his 5th WWI Medal. Congratulations T/4 Erb!


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