One Year of Service (Bradley J. King)

Sgt. Dahl said:

Well here it is the big one, one year in the unit. I remember when King came into the unit he was relatively quiet but, that didn't stop him from absolutely cleaning house as a Private with his rifle. Finally, once he got to PFC and got his AIT he did the only reasonable thing for someone in S2 he became an AR. For those who are unaware, there have been a number of excellent AR's from S2 and, King quickly followed suit. He learned every aspect of his AIT and quickly became known across the company for going to some poor squads squad drill and absolutely wiping the floor with them. He not only gained a name for himself as a good AR but, he also gained a name as an excellent guy who would go out of his way to make the 29th better across the board by guesting and providing really solid resistance for their squads. All in all PFC King has had an excellent first year here in the 29th and I hope we will be back here in 1 year for his double rainbow. Congrats PFC!


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