One Year of Service (Sean P. Mortem)

Sgt. Crane said:

Now, usually I'd spend my time writing this coming up with something at least marginally clever. Make a joke about his fake name, for instance, referencing how he seems to die pretty early just like his name would imply. PFC Mortem, however, is above and beyond that. In one year this fine lad rose through the hierarchy of our squad, proving himself time and time again as larger than life where leadership is concerned. With the loss of our beloved Corporal Lee, Mortem picked up the slack without losing a single second of his stride. Despite his poor choice in eggnog related beverages, I can't imagine another person filling in his spot right here, right now. It is my honor, then, to see Mortem reach his first year in the 29th; a proud moment for any 29ther and surefire proof that they'll be here for much longer to come.


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