Three Years And Six Months of Service (Olaf A. Baron)

Sgt. Runing said:

Cpl. Baron, Cpl Baron. He has been part of S1 for over 1.5 years. But I have known him way back, when the guns said ping when you where out of ammo and you have to shout achtung panzer on a daily basic. He finally decide to come too Papa Runing to finish the SLT and play a proper game some in 2018. He have since then performed and gone way beyond what I, Sgt Runing require of him as a ASL. Cpl. Baron is excellent ASL, excellent player, and most of all a excellent friend. That's why its my great privilege to award Cpl. Baron 7th AOCC congratulations and you stay here for many years. See you in Glasgow.


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