Six Months of Service (Danny C. Chilvers)

Cpl. Baron said:

Operator Dan has now been a part of Squad One for 6 months. In those 6 months I have seen him grow from a little, shy Pvt to a skilled and confident PFC. He has been one of our Grenadiers for a while now and he's been enjoying it ever since, and we've enjoyed having a really skilled person who can use that AIT to it's full capacity. He can be relied on to do anything, more recently he's been involved with helping getting the mods up and running, doing some cool animations and modeling work. During those 6 months this PFC has become a part of the S1 family, playing games, having a laugh and generally being a sound lad. It's my pleasure to award him with his 1st AOCC. Well done PFC, keep it up! Also, eat this nade b***h!


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