Two Years of Service (Ramon Buuts)

Cpl. Baron said:

This ones a bit more personal, I have known PFC Buuts for close to 4 years now. We both joined in the same TP, we both were recruited by the same person and we both were promoted on the same day. Taking a long hiatus after the fall of Baker he is back once more into the swing of things, but this time he's in my squad. I have seen this PFC develop over literal years, many hours spent in Salt Room 1 raging at CS and WarThunder, but through it all he has finally made it. 2 years of service under his belt and he's better than ever, switching out his K98 for a M4 and his MTP fatigues, I am proud to be writing this one and proud to have him in my Squad. Well done on your 2 years of service PFC Byron... I mean PFC Buuts!. Keep it up!


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