Four Years of Service (Davide Cervetti)

PFC J. Wright said:

I am looking forward to getting too know PFC Cervetti as he continues his 29th career with EP1S2. He left the 29th before he gotten his AOCC and World War 1 Victory Medal. So, we decided to ask the man who talked so highly of him for a quote. Here is PFC Martens. "Ive known PFC Cervetti for almost all the time he has been in the unit. He joined BP1S3 back in 2014, where I met the young Pvt. He wasn’t a man of a lot of words, but rather let his rifle and later his bazooka do most of the talking for him. He became a real solid squad member that everyone could depend on. He recently rejoin the unit after being away for 2 years. And I am very happy to find him to be in my squad yet again. Before he left he had 4 years of service under his belt, but sadly had discharged before he every got his award. So it’s a bit overdue but finaly I am happy to say congrats on his 8th army of occupation medal. Congrats PFC Cervetti and welcome back to the 29th.


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