Four Years of Service (Andrew J. Grimes)

Sgt. Gibson said:

T/5 Grimes is an interesting dude. Very interesting. He brings a different element to the table that's for sure. While I regularly cringe at his talk of anime, he actually is a very very important member in the squad, platoon, and unit. He brings years of experience, forum skill, in game skill, and overall 29th excellence. He may not always realize it, but people do look up to him and having the presence of a veteran T/5 such as himself is a great asset to me and my squad. He accepts this responsibility and embraces it. I can only hope that he will continue to contribute at this high level for many years to come. Thank you for your 4 years of service Grimes and enjoy your 8th AoCC and 2nd WW1 Victory Medal!


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